MKS - Self supporting system for external venetian blinds

download installation manual

MKS self-supporting system:
  • Quick installation, similar to installing shutter blinds
  • High aesthetics
  • Flush-mounted and surface-mounted versions
  • Many insulation options

  • Thickness 1,5mm - 2mm
  • Many shape variants - tailored to the needs of a specific implementation
  • Different types of inslulation
  • Possibility of connecting at an angle, e.g. at corner windows

Guide channels:
  • Flush mounted (with removable insert for revision) and surface-mounted
  • Pre-drilled
  • Without visible mounting holes and plugs

  • Slats made of the best swiss aluminum tape
  • The best swiss bearings
  • Reliable guides
  • Axes connecting the guides and the box made of thick steel with high hardness
  • Original aluminum guide channels of the Sierant MKS system

Video of the installation:


Surface blind with 50 mm aluminum slat, with a top rail cover and a slat weight.

Controlled by gears operated with strings to turn the slats and raise and lower the blinds. FRONTON ALU WOOD can be produced with a string and belt ladder as well as a wooden or bamboo upper rail cover.
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